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Our Story


Since 1975, Barry Jentz and Joan Wofford have been Partners and Principals in Leadership & Learning, an organizational development and consulting firm specializing in leadership development and organizational change. Between us, we have over seventy years of experience, working extensively in both the public and private sectors with administrators, managers, and executives in hospitals, government and social service agencies, day care facilities, and higher education, as well as in businesses as diverse as newspaper publishing, finance, nuclear power, architectural design and construction, real estate development, international management consulting, engineering, consumer products, .com start ups, software development, and magazine publishing, along with doctors and lawyers.  Over the past several years, we have proudly welcomed Antonio Cediel and Bob Johnson to our world of consulting work.

Our business is making learning an integral part of leadership: We believe that leaders must be capable of learning about and modifying their own practice by examining the underlying patterns of thought that give rise to that practice, as well as generate this same capability in those who work for them. Our methodologies engage leaders in examining and changing their own behavior and underlying mental constructions by:

  • A “Role-Play-Difficult-Interactions on Video Seminar Curriculum” that enables participants to discover that what they think they do (use open agendas, disclose data, listen, and learn before deciding) and what they actually do are very different when involved in difficult interpersonal interactions.  Following this realization, participants practice a new mind-and-skill set, which enables them to learn and improve their own practice, as well as the practice of others in their organizations 

  • An "EntryPlan Methodology and Handbook for Guided Practice" for a school superintendents, college presidents, managing directors, managers, or supervisors who want to begin a new job in a way which establishes trust, credibility, and sets the stage for organizational assessment and renewal 

  • A “Predict, Plan, Preclude: Organizational Assessment, Improvement, Implementation Process ” that engages the key players in large organizations/projects in assessing and then improving the “structures” (decision making, coordination, scheduling, behavioral ground rules, meeting agendas, etc.) that enable people to work collaboratively and profitably rather than as adversaries

  • A “Stop-Start-Continue” feedback intervention for top management teams aimed at improving teamwork and productivity through continuous, 1) highly structured, face-to-face exchange by colleagues of feedback about performance, 2) joint sense making about the meaning and implications of the feedback for needed changes, 3) tracking and follow up on progress in making changes in attitude/behavior

  • An “Executive Coaching Methodology” that begins with administering the MBTI and conducting a video/role-playing exercise and analysis, then continues with exploration of how to use moments of confusion -- when leaders are at a loss to make sense and/or figure out what to do – as opportunities for personal/ organizational learning and improved performance

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